Saturday, November 14, 2009

Authorship-Trust-Intellectual Advancement-Content

AUTHOR-TRUST-CONTENT OWNERSHIP-Protect Spirit of Interaction
QUESTION: Who Owns Your Content?
How Important is Archiving the Real-Time Web?
The Author owns the Copy rights
Ownership is not in question.
You can advise owners to specify and apply for Copyrights as well.
Now comes the Communication Link -as Community
Non-Exclusive implied Trust - means ETHICS
Here comes an Example- Author is the Owner- have Copy Rights -say under US Copyrights
He is not a Publisher- A publisher for Bisiness promotion gets ISBN etc
Even with or without ISBN - the ownership of Author is not in Question
Some Publishers Expect Eclusive and Many may opt for non-exclusive but may get preferential
or priority
Contest - a registered user means TRUST between the parties
Intellectul- Conscious Ethics means- Communicate in advvance if you are closing
and delete the content in all sincerity.
Sometimes You can maintain a record- with identification index- that helps Original authors
for IDEAS, Inventive Spirit , Advance Index etc
The Content can be left in a Blogspot as well- with reference material-in case of closure
Any Future Transfer of this Content in a BLOCK- will not affect the STATUS QUO
Cosmology Vedas Interlinks-Knowledge Expansion
Vidyardhi Nanduri